2023 Session:
June 28 - August 2
Individual goals, inspirational teachers, structure, compassion and daily follow through ensure progress and enthusiasm.  We make it happen. 

Individual Goals
 are determined by parents with schools and/or consultants at the parents' request. Course selection follows from the goals set forth for the student. 

  • Every student is enrolled in three courses for the five weeks.
  • Students are placed together on factors of similar skill level.
  • Preparation for upcoming courses is generally more valuable than review.
  • Most subjects have separate class sections designed for Preview, Review or Credit.

About Study Skills: Every teacher teaches study skills in every subject, in every class, every day. All course combinations will strengthen study habits, study skills, organization, and confidence. Student focus and productivity are supported by our pen and paper program and minimal cell phone use. 

Wolfeboro Camp School

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Wolfeboro Camp School, in Wolfeboro, NH, is a private academic, summer camp program for boys and girls ten to eighteen entering grades six to twelve.